Acid-Free Primer (Berry Bond)

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Step 2 : Berry Bond (Acid - Free Primer) - Sticky - perfect bond between nail plate and product - either acrylic or gel ( perfect to assist with the adhesion of ZazzBerry Nail Decals.)

Berry Bond Acid Free primer, is a solvent-based formulation , which is sticky. It is used to prepare the nail, this allows different nail products to adhere better. It is the bonding agent between your nail and your nail product.

Berry Bond has been formulated to work with our ZazzBerry Nail Decals - having a more up to date formula.

Volume:15ml or 10ml


  1. Prepare your Nails
  2. Apply one thin coat of Berry Bond, after apply Berry Dehydrate
  3. Air Dry
  4. Apply a Berry Base Coat
  5. Berry Bond works perfectly with ZazzBerry Nail Decals. See instructions on Decal packaging.


Isopropyl Alcohol, Ethyl Acetate, Isobutyl Acetate

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