The pre-order service offered by ZazzBerry (Pty) Ltd allows you to order a product before it becomes available on our website
The following conditions apply to pre-orders:

Availability :

Pre-Ordered items are sold on a first come first serve basis

Delivery :

  1. We aim to ship pre-ordered items every Thursday , provided we have received and processed your payment, by 10:00 on a Wednesday.
  2. If payment has not been processed by 10:00 on a Wednesday, your order will only be shipped the following week Thursday.
  3. To avoid frustration, please do not order if you are unable to wait.
  4. Standard delivery times apply from the moment the pre-ordered item has been shipped.
  5. If you combine in-stock and pre-ordered items, ALL items will be shipped at once when all pre-ordered items are available..


  1. If any items in your bag are Pre-Ordered items, please choose payment option PRE-ORDER. Do not pay for this until we send you an official invoice with confirmed stock. (The system will automatically send you an order confirmation once you place an order, do not use this for payment. Please wait for an email from our sales department confirming all items are in stock.)