Are your ZazzBerry Decals detaching ?

Many  manicurists who start working with ZazzBerry Nail Decals, face the problem of material detachment within 2-3 days after coating.  So, what do you need to pay attention to when working with ZazzBerry Nail Decals ?

1. Seal the film.

  • There is no need to spread the film on the entire surface of the nail.
  • Leave 0.5-1 mm for sealing the material from the edges of the cuticle and lateral lines. Otherwise, the top cover will not “be fixed”.
  • It is also necessary to remove the film from the free edge of the nail. In this case, after drying the nail  by using a  file with a low abrasive power.

2. Smooth wrinkles and irregularities.

  • When leveling the film on the nail, try not to touch it with your fingers. Use a tweezers, lint-free cloth, an orange stick, a silicone brush etc

3. Completely dry the Water.

  • Place the film on the second colored layer of gel polish.
  • There is no need to remove the sticky layer.
  • After leveling the film on the nail, dry the nail (without a top coating for now) under the lamp for 1-2 minutes to remove any remaining water .  
  • Also, for better adhesion of the film and the color layer, you may coat the back side of the film with a primer layer.

4. Cover with the top

  • If necessary, cover the film with 2 top layers, drying every 2-3 minutes (although 1 layer is enough).

Follow these simple tips and you should not face any problems.